Audi A5: Best of All Worlds

The 2012 Audi A5 incorporates both the style, comfort and power that Audi has become known for. With the new A5, you will enjoy the combination of power, all wheel drive and efficiency since it will still get up to 21 miles per gallon during city driving and up to 31 when driving on the highway for a combined total of up to 25 miles per gallon. Within the A5 lineup, you will find three styles to choose from, each with their own set of standard features as well as optional features. The model you choose will be the one that has all of the features that you cannot live without and some that you can.


Audi is known for its power and innovative ways to put power and efficiency in the same vehicle. Starting with the patented Audi Quattro drive that provides a specialized type of all wheel drive in most Audi models. Besides the Quattro drive, you will also find Audi's very own 2.0 TFSI motor that provides 211 horsepower to the ever powerful driving machine.

The Audi Valvelift system is another feature only found in Audi vehicles. This feature takes the valve placement and puts the power where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. It takes the air pressure and ensures that air management remains at the optimal level. This feature typically reduces fuel consumption by up to 7%, making it a more efficient and powerful vehicle.

Style, Comfort and Technology

The motor and Quattro drive are both enclosed in a shell of a vehicle that boasts style and comfort throughout all models. While the motor and performance options are standard in all models, the model that you decide will have the style, comfort and technology features that you want.

In the base model of the premium, you will find standard features like the 18 inch wheels with quality all-season tires, the Audi sound system and the tilting glass panoramic sunroof. The audio system is likely the most popular standard feature in the A5 model has up to 180 watts of power with the ability to play music from any kind of music player, from your cellular phone to MP3 players and even CD's and satellite radio. Put all of these features in with the 7-inch touch screen and there is one of the top audio systems in a base model car.

As you move up in the trim levels, you will first go up to the Premium Plus level which will add features like Bluetooth connectivity, HomeLink remote garage opener and xenon headlights with LED running lights. Once you go all the way up to the Prestige model, you will have more features than ever before. Not only will you get the same features as the previous models, you will also get the safety of blind spot notification, where you receive a notification whenever an object is in your blind spot, the Audi navigation system and the smart key system that allows you to lock, unlock and even start your car without taking your keys out of your pocket or your purse.