Style Accents Make Ferrari Supercars The Most Coveted Of Them All

What would sports car hire be without the Ferrari California? Ever since this turbo charged car burst onto the luxury motor scene, it has been full speed ahead for the popularity of the car which shows no sign of abating. Super car hire with Ferraris is an experience in stylish luxury driving, and a popular niche for supercar enthusiasts who are stimulated by the visual delight of how the Ferrari California looks.

How to enjoy the Ferrari California's style features

There is plenty to offer the discerning Ferrari driver who wants to get the most out of the luxury embellishments on the exterior and interior of the Ferrari California. Ferrari Hire will uncover some of the following benefits of the image of the California:

    Notice the details of the body: The convertible shape of the California makes it perfect for spring and summer car journeys with the top down. Ferrari Car Hire is perfect for people who love to drive in convertibles or for people who want to experience what it is like to be in a convertible. Just one weekend with the California will inspire an unbridled passion for driving convertibles, which is fitting considering the iconic prancing horse insignia of Ferrari that permeates throughout the California. The Bi-Xenon adaptive headlights glow like balls of fire in the dark, which adds to the look of sheer power that the California has.

    Marvel at the colour: The California is shaded in Rossa Red, a unique shade of red that anyone recognises as the colour that Ferrari is famous for. There is something mysterious and magnetic about driving a red car, and the Rossa Red tone of the California will make drivers the centre of attention everywhere that they go. This aspect of the California comes alive during weekend car hire journeys where drivers can be out and about in town, showing off the eye-popping colour of the California. The bright Rossa Red exterior contrasts with the cream interior of the California. Upholstered in leather, the cream interior looks inviting and warm for the driver and passenger to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Indulge in the interior: The leather hand brake grip is another sign of the richness of the California that will excite fans of Ferrari's design aesthetic. This feature sets apart Ferrari from other super car brands: with a strong focus to attention to detail, it is no surprise that car hire journeys from inside the cabin look and feel fantastic. Ferrari recognises that its drivers are among style's elite who are technologically switched on. This is why the interior of the California comes with iPod connectivity in case drivers want to listen to music as their companion on their car journeys.

Ferrari Car Hire UK uncovers a whole new way at looking at the style features of supercars. Drivers who are motivated by beauty will enjoy the array of embellishments that the Ferrari California has to offer during Super car hire.